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Räknas funktionshinder som karaktärsbrister i rollspel?

In diskriminering av funktionshindrade, Rollspel on mars 12, 2010 at 9:45 f m

Speldesignern Jonathan Lavallee har skrivit en intressant gästpostGeek Feminism om hur merit/flaw-system i bordsrollspel kan låna sig till diskriminering av funktionshindrade:

The first game I ever ran into that had this concept was the Hero system which had great disadvantages like dependant non player characters (DNPCs) and Enemies and Limitations on Powers. All this was great, and if they stayed there the potential for ableism was lowered greatly because these are just people who depend on you, people you’ve pissed off and times when you couldn’t use your special powers. The problem happens when you get into things like physical and mental ‘disadvantages.’ This is where the ableism is so thick you shouldn’t be able ignore it.

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